Spherical Structure-from-Motion in C++

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Spherical Structure-from-Motion

Elfin Forest

Code for our papers:

Baker, L., S. Mills, S. Zollmann, and J. Ventura, “CasualStereo: Casual Capture of Stereo Panoramas with Spherical Structure-from-Motion”, IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), 2020.

Ventura, J., “Structure from Motion on a Sphere”, European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2016.



mkdir build ;
cd build ;
cmake .. ;
make -j8 ;

The panorama stitcher app is disabled by default, since it requires CUDA which may not be available on all machines. To enable it:

mkdir build ;
cd build ;
make -j8 ;


If your images have radial distortion, first undistort them using:

undistort_images -intrinsics <path to intrinsics with distortion> -intrinsicsout <path for output intrinsics file> -video <path to video> -output <path ot folder for undistorted images> -rotate <rotation>

The “rotate” parameter is the number of clockwise 90 degree rotations to apply (useful for iPhone videos, for example).

To run the spherical structure-from-motion pipeline:

run_spherical_sfm -intrinsics <path to intrinsics> -video <path to video> -output <path to output>

The video path can be an image filename specifier such as %06d.png. The intrinsics file should contain the focal length, center x, and center y separated by spaces.

To make the stereo panoramas:

make_stereo_panorama -intrinsics <path to intrinsics> -video <path to video> -output <path to output>

Capture tips


You can view these example panoramas in a WebVR-compatible browser or headset.